Fees are on daily, weekly bases + HST Tax + Kit Fee + Production Equipment Insurance. 

Note: For equipment rental and operation quote, please contact via the contact form HERE or by calling +1-416-878-9880

Featured Services:

*Production Sound Mixing for Film and TV;
*Boom Operating;
*Electronic News Gathering - ENG;
*Sound Design for Film, TV & Video Games and Apps;
*Score composition for Video Games, Film and TV;
*Record any type of audio for any purposes;
*Music Production, Recording, Mix and Composition - Arrangement;
*Audio restoration;
*HQ audio books, podcast recording;
*Live Sound FOH Mixing & Recording.

Available Audio Equipment:

Multitrack Recorder:

Roland R-88 - 8 Channel TC Digital Recorder running at all standard frame rates;

Indoor Boom Mics:

Neumann KM-185A Condenser Mic with tighter Hyper - Cardioid pattern ideal for interior recording or quiet outdoor locations;

Neumann KM - 184A with wider Cardioid Condenser Mic  Ideal for interior two or more people recordings and more;

Outdoor Boom Mic:

Sanken CS3E Shotgun Mic with Rycote Modular Windshield :
Rode NTG-3 Shotgun Mic with Rode Blimp Second or Backup boom 

Boom Poles:

1xAmbient QP5150 - 5-21ft Long boom pole with Ambient Quicklock system;
1xAmbient QP1140 - 5-17ft Long boom pole with Ambient Quicklock system;
1xAmbient QP120  - 5 foot Extension for QP 4140;
1xAmbient QXS550 - 2.5-9ft Short Boom Pole with Ambient Quicklock system;
1xRode Boom Pole 3-12ft aluminium Medium Boom pole with Ambient Quicklock system;

Time Code:

1x Ambient Master Lockit - ACN Wireless Network Master Clock generator;
1x Ambient Smart Slate - ACN Wireless Network Smart Slate;
3x Ambient Nano Lockit - ACN Wireless Network miniature Lockit box;
1x Deneke SB-2A Time Code Sync Box with standard 5-Pin Lemo as well as 4-Pin Lemo Cable specifically for Red Epic;


Five NP1 Type Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries, 7-10 hours on single battery;
Remote Audio BDSV4 Power Distribution System;
8x Sennheiser BA61 Rechargeable Batteries;
12x 900 mAh AAA NiMh rechargeable batteries;
72x 2450 mAh AA NiMh batteries.

1x14.8V 6.8 Ah 98Wh Lithium Ion rechargeable camera battery 

Wireless Systems:

2x Sennheiser SK 6000 Digital AW+ Transmitters - A1-A4 Wide Band;
2x Sennheiser EK 6042 True Diversity Dual Channel Receiver AW+;
2x MTP40S Transmitters B7 Wide Band Receiver;
1x Wisycom MCR42 B7 Dual Channel Wide Band Receiver;
1x Sennheiser G4-AW+ A1-A4 Wireless Boom Plug;
3x Sennheiser G3- A Range
2x Sennheiser G3- B Range;
2x Sennheiser G2- A Series Camera Hops.

2x DPA 4060;
7x Sanken COS-11D.

RF Venue Diversity Fin;
Lectrosonic SNA600A Dipole Antenna;
2x Betso Bowties Antennas for car rigs;

Wireless Monitoring system:
Comtek 216 Transmitter with Lectrosonic SNA600E Dipole Antenna and 4 receivers with rechargeable 9V 600 mAh batteries and native Comtek headphones.

Video Monitor:
FeelWorld D71 - Dual 7" 3G-SDI/HDMI LCD Monitor
2x50ft 75 Ohm BNC Canare Cables

Specialized Microphones & Pickups:

Miniature Condenser Omni-Directional Mics:

L.O.M. Usi Pro - High Quality matched pair miniature Omni directional condenser microphones, perfect for ambient, voice and car plants recordings;

Hydrophone Mics:

Aquarian Audio H2A-XLR Hydrophone - Matched pair of phantom powered specialized scientific underwater microphones with 30ft(9m) long XLR cables. Could be used for underwater recordings, sound effects, recordings that helps underwater detailing of the scene. Could be operated under 80 meter (262.4ft) depth.

Seismic Activity Sensitive Geophone:

L.O.M. Geofón - Seismic activity sensitive geophone adjusted for field recording purposes. 

Electro Magnetic Field Pickup:

L.O.M. Priezor - Specialized Electro Magnetic Field pickup.

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro
Sennjeiser HD 25-II
Simgot EN700 Pro

Studio Monitors:
JBL 6 Inch 306P MK3 Powered Studio Monitor

All needed cabling and accessories. Professional rain poncho and boom mic cover can be provided if needed. Additional gear can be rented upon request.

For equipment rental and operation quote please contact me via the contact form or directly via my email.

Additional Equipment:
Rode NTG-2 Backup Mic;
Apple iMac 21.5 inch Mid 2011;
PreSonus Studio 2/4 USB Digital Interface;
Apple Mac Book 15 inch 2008;
Ambient QP120 - Additional boom pole 1.4 meter extension;
Zoom H6 - 4+2 Channel Digital Recorder with now Time code. Backup recorder with ORTF Stereo and M/S attachments and wind protection
Zoom H4 - 2 Channel Digital Recorder;
Beyerdynamic TG X-48 Handheld Dynamic Cardioid Mic;

Rode Stereo Recording ORTI/XY/AB Mountable Bar;
Logic 8,9 & X, Cubase SX, Audacity.


Waves Silver & more
iZotope RX Elements
NI Kontakt 12
IK Multimedia
Initial Audio
Lennard Digital Sylenth 1
Future Audio Workshop
Spitfire Audio
Impact Sound Works
Plugin Aliance
Tokyo Dawn Labs
Big Fish Audio
and more...